Catering Services



Catering Services

We now offer catering services ranging from hot fork buffets, cold finger buffets and sandwich platters. Our catering services are intuitive, creative and able to adapt to your every need.


Having your child dedicated is a very special and personal experience, we can be as elaborate or as simple as your like, classic or fun, if you order cupcakes with these we can offer a discount.


You can select as many flavours as you wish and minimum order is for 12 per flavour.

Cupcakes can be boxed individually as favours or in a clear dome pods at added additional cost.

We may offer discounts on your cupcakes if you book you’re wedding cake with us.

All domed cupcakes are filled with generous amount of buttercream and topped with fondant colour of your choice. The decorations range from stenciling, embossing, piping to detailed floral art work.


Celebration Cakes – not the type you purchase in a supermarket, but freshly baked with fondant and decorations hand made individually not factory made.

Character Cakes

If you have a favourite character, want something individual.  Want the cake to show a hobby, we can tailor the cake to your need, we love a challenge, obviously the more extravagant the more pricey the cake becomes, but we still aim to keep the prices competitive whilst still giving a delicious taste to the cake.

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